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The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has always been the world’s most appreciated platform for lighting products and cutting edge lighting technology

Factory Tour

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*Strip division:


*Panel divison:


*Tube division:


*Outdoor luminaire divison:


*Indoor luminaire division:

                                          5(1)controller assembly.jpg                                     5(2)100% quality test.jpg


controller assembly     100% quality test

*Hardware division:

6(1)CNC lathe.jpg6(2)punching machine.jpg6(3)Injection molding machine.jpg6(4)hardware cutting machine.jpg6(5)wire cutting machine.jpg

          CNC lathe               punching machine        Injection molding         hardware cutting      wire cutting machine

                                                                                          machine                         machine

6(6)drilling machine.jpg6(7)milling machine.jpg

     drilling machine             milling machine


              7(1)packing materials.jpg 7(2)raw material warehouse.jpg7(3)finished product warehouse.jpg

packing materials  raw material warehouse  finished product warehouse


+86 755 2809 3844

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